Initial and Annually

Crisis Planning - (1 Hour Training)

Crisis planning is identifying the steps to be taken when a crisis event arises and how to proactively prevent-minimize a crisis by identifying early warning signs.
  • How to talk about mental health
  • How to Talk About Mental Health sample
  • How to Talk about Mental Health Review
  • what is a mental health crisis?
  • What is a Mental Health Crisis?
  • Warning Signs - Activity
  • Warning Signs - Answers
  • Mental Health Crisis - Ways to Help
  • Ways to Help - Activity
  • Ways to Help - Answers
  • where to get mental health help
  • Where to get Mental Health Help sample
  • Levels of Service Review
  • Provider Suicide Prevention
  • Provider Suicide Prevention
  • crisis planning
  • What is a Crisis Center?
  • individual crisis plan
  • Develop a Mental Health Safety Plan
  • coping skills for caregivers
  • Coping Skills For Caregivers
  • FInal
  • Common Myths about Suicide Final
  • Survey
  • Crisis Planning - Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed