TOPIC: Infection Control and Standard Precaution


1. Describe the employer requirements of MIOSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens Standard.

2. Describe how to identify which exposure category covers anticipated tasks and procedures where there is reasonable exposure to blood or potentially hazardous material (Category A and Category B)

3. Understand what information must be provided in an employer’s exposure control plan

4. Apply Universal Precautions to prevent contact with blood and other potentially infectious material a. Describe the chain of infection as it applies to bloodborne diseases. b. Understand how to break the chain of infection to prevent the spread of infectious/Bloodborne diseases

5. Discuss bloodborne diseases of concern.

6. Discuss how Standard Precautions protect against bloodborne pathogens. a. Understand and identify an exposure incident

7. Summarize employer and employee actions to be taken in case of an occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

8. Discuss types of personal protective equipment, work practices, and engineering controls that reduce risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

9. Demonstrate how to properly remove gloves and other personal protective equipment to avoid transmission of potentially infectious materials.

10. Be able to perform appropriate housekeeping and disinfection standards

11. Understand proper procedures for regulated waste disposal a. Regulated waste containment b. Sharps c. Labeling/Disposal of medical waste

12. Understand proper procedures for handling, containment, disinfecting, sanitizing, and labeling of contaminated laundry.

13. Understand requirement for free vaccinations and post-exposure follow-up Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 10/1/2021

14. Understand required communication of on-the-job hazards to employees

15. Identify required recordkeeping standards for training, vaccinations, exposure incidents, sharps injury log, and confidentiality.

16. Employees will understand that training will occur before assuming duties that place employee at risk and will be able to identify required outcomes of MIOSHA based Bloodborne pathogens training

17. Identify occupations with higher risk of potential to exposure

Mode of Instruction:

Blended Learning (Online + Instructor-Led)

Instructor-Led Class

 Minimum Number of Course Hours: 1.5

 Number of Sessions Per Course: 8